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Interview to Alexkid

Publicado: 22/03/2009



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alexkid1Here is the interview we held, from mixside, with the french dj and producer Alexkid, who answered our questions with great kindness.

Mixside: Before talk about Alex Kid, tell us about the person who hides behind the artist, who is Alexis Mauri?.

Alexkid: I am a passionate about music, always searching for something exciting and new to my ears. Music is something I just can not escape from. I was born in Paris, lived in Morocco with my parents when I was 4, then moved to spain (soy medio español, por parte de mi madre) for a few years. Then back to Paris. I just moved lately to Berlin with my girlfriend and my baby daughter, and it is amazing. I just love it.

Mixside: Now, tell us about your beginnings. How was born your love for music?

Alexkid: I do not really know as a matter of fact. My aunt had a record shop in the eighties, in Spain, while I was living over there. That has had a big influence on the fact I became a musician. When 15, I started playing guitar in bands, and that’s how everything started. I had my home studio, and started going to Raves in 1992/1993… I started producing my music, no need to be with a band.

Mixside: What styles and artists were essentials for your subsequent musical concept? Is the sound of Chicago a important factor in your sound?

Alexkid: I have a lot of very different influences as I absorb music very quickly. I listen to a lot of totally different genres, from funk to bossa nova, from rock to obscure minimal electronica. Of course the acid house sound of Chicago had a very big influence on me , but maybe a little bit more the sound of Detroit Techno and House.

Mixside: A lot of electronic music lovers, as me, are very sad by the end of F Comm. How important was this label in your progress? Talk us about your relationship with this historic label

Alexkid: Well, it was my beginnings in 1997 and it has been all my story as an electronic artist. All good things have an end. I had a great time , we made a lot of friends, a lot of very funny stories, and I’m still in contact and working with some of the artists, as Scan X, I have a project with Olivier Mateu, who is one half of techno act The Youngsters, Llorca and I have also been touring massively together and we’re good friends… Now, somehow I am also happy it is over, as it is very challenging not to have a label, and not to have expectations from anyone but yourself. Of course there’s a life after. Thank god!

Mixside: In the way you was one of the acolytes of this label, could you tell us the reasons of this closing?

Alexkid: There’s many of them. I’d rather not discuss this. But somehow as I was saying before, it is good that it is over, as having the “etiquette” Fcom on you was giving us too much of an old school artist profile. Let’s say it wasn’t always helping as on the past two years the label hasn’t been very active.

Mixside: There is people that consider you as a representative of the french groove scene. Are you right with this?

Alexkid: The french groove scene? What is it??? hahahah

Mixside: I have heard that you are living in Berlin, now. What is the cause of this change? Have you been appealed by the german scene?

Alexkid: Yes, yes yes very much! I have been playing every two months in Berlin for the past 4 years almost. And slowly I got influenced. Not by the minimal, but more by the state of mind . The attitude is more true to the origin of the electronic music. And the city is great to live. Great parties, interesting artists and people… So far I just love it.

Mixside: How is your opinion for the new sounds that come from Germany? Especially, I’m refering to all that sounds that move themselves around more minimalistic tendences.

Alexkid: Well, like for everything, there’s good things and bad things. Some stuff is very interesting , and some correspond more to a formula and can be boring. The fact is I quite appreciate the idea of basing the music more around a groove, because after all, it is made for dancing mainly. If you add on top of that something edgy, an interesting idea, then it is great.

Mixside: However, you are going on with sounds nearly house music. How do you see the present and future of house music?

Alexkid: It is all HAUS!

Mixside: What artist, of nowadays, do you think is a reference of the house music at this time?

Alexkid: I can’t really say … There’s too many interesting things going on. Carl Craig is of course very interesting , but the attitude of Villalobos is very interesting, so is Thomas Melchior, Luciano, Radioslave has just the perfect house groove to me. Also there’s other people no so famous like Ion Ludwig who make very interesting things. Pleanty of young artists around make very nice music with a vision…

Mixiside: You must have a lot of experiences in your life as artist around the world?. Could you tell us what was your best experience?

Alexkid: Well, I’ve been touring for about 12 years, so there’s a lot I could tell. And so many good memories! Some festivals where really great. When we did the fcom party in “pont du gard” in france , 18000 people attended and that was a great souvenir to me. Some parties at The End in London stay memorable to me. Also great memories of Brazil as closing the Motorola Mix Festival in Sao Paulo,…I could write more and more, There’s so may of them. I feel quite lucky I have the chance to do this for living!

Mixside: And the worst one?

Alexkid: Playing in a lost place you can’t even find on a map in the middle of the mountains in Austria… It was a horrible night for some reasonn… Everything went wrong… everything…

Mixside: You have spanish roots. What is your actual relation with your mother’s country? And, above all, how do you see the electronic spanish scene? What electronic spanish artists do you like?

Alexkid: I come to Spain as often as I can, I just love it as it is part of me. The parties in Sapin are usually great. The Scene in Sapin is very interesting right now. There’s a good Techno “crew” with the guys from net28. I’m really found of Tadeo, Damian Schwartz, Xpansul, Alex Under…

Misxide: Could you tell us about your future’s plan?

Alexkid: I’m working on an album, and I have releases coming on Cadenza and Rekids quite soon. They should have been out already as a matter of fact. I’m also producing music with Philipp from M.A.N.D.Y. Most probably to be released on Kindisch.

Mixside: Thanks you for your kindness to answer our questions and good luck on your future works

Alexkid: Thank you

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