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Interview with Click Box

Publicado: 20/08/2008



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First of all, we want to thank you very much for this interview with our website and also tell you congratulations for the great success of your first release on Items & Things, the label owned by Magda, Marc Houle and Troy Pierce.

There’s a lot of time since people began talking about tracks like Fun K Mouth or Sugar Pain, mainly because of the promotion that people like Richie Hawtin or Magda did about it. Maybe the highlight moment could be that video in the Timewarp when Richie plays, almost one after another, the already mentioned tracks. Expectation was raised around those tracks… and they are already released, even in vynil.

Djsanroman.com: Do you feel that this is your moment? Have you reached your peak? I don’t think so… What are your next future plans ?

Click Box: We don’t feel that this is our moment or our peak, for us this is just the beginning and we are very happy, because they offered us a chance to release a record on their label, and for us this is really important. We are releasing a record on the label directed by artists we really admire. Yeah we have lots of plans, release more records, tour a lot, we really like playing live so, lets keep working hard.

Djsanroman.com: How was your first contact with m_nus ? Do you have a direct relationship?

Clickbox: Our first contact was really simple we gave a demo cd to Troy Pierce at a club called Love.e in Sao Paulo, he played one of the tracks, just on the fly, and asked us for new material. This was the start of an email relationship, one day he get back to us saying that he liked and was playing like six of our new tracks and right after his email comes Magda telling the same. Magda came to Brazil and we went out for a dinner and she told that they would be interested to release our music on Items & Things. This was the start, we made like 30 tracks, during december 2007 to february 2008, and in march all eight tracks were already chosen. Our relationship its more like the music, electronic, hehe, ichat and emails, sometimes a phone call, we’ve spent some time together when we did an Europe tour in June.

Djsanroman.com: There are some well-known producers as Renato Cohen and also a couple of schranz dj’s called Pet Duo, and the funny guys of CSS… But in your style, Are you an exception in Brasil ? Maybe you are a peak of an iceberg, How is the producer scene in your country ? In 5 years your neighbour country, Argentina, has raised up a whole scene of great producers as the people of Igloo… Are we here in the same case?

Click box: I don’t know if we are an exception here and i don’t want to think we are. We are just artists, searching for our own style and thats it. The producers scene here is growing, there is a friend, he makes really cool house music, his name is Dudu Marote, his artist name is Prztz.

For sure we are not  in the same case as Argentina, the scene here in Brazil is really commercial, there are a few parties where we can go out and listen to the music we like,there are cool clubs here like D-edge, Kraft, Clash and Vegas in Sao Paulo, but i can tell you that the biggest parties here are trance, they’ve been introducing alternative stages for techno, house and electro house, but its too far away.Argentina seems to be a country more related to Europe and people there seems to be more interested in music.

Djsanroman.com: Undoubtly is hard to find any other producer that sounds like Click Box ? Do you prefer hardware, software or just a mixture ?

Click Box: We prefer hardware, we have lots of analog synths here in the studio and we will always be looking for them, we use software too, manly virtual samplers like, Kontakt, and ableton Samplers.

Djsanroman.com: Who are the producers who has most influenced you?

Click Box: A blend of producers and bands: Trent Reznor, Kraftwerk, Quincy Jones, Vince Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Marc Houle, Magda, Troy Pierce, Depeche mode, Joy Division, New order, Daniel Bell, Cabaret Voltaire, The Cure, Kevin Saunderson, Trevor Jackson, and on and on…………..

Djsanroman.com :How were your beginnings in electronic music?

Click Box: By our parents, Pedro’s father was a dj and my uncle showed me his yamaha dx7 when i was eleven years old:-)

Djsanroman.com: How would you define your music??

Click Box: Just fun!!!!!

Djsanroman.com: Going back in time… How did you meet each other?

Click Box: In a club fifteen years ago. 

Djsanroman.com: Do you listen any other type of music?

Click Box: Yeah, we listen to lots of music mostly related to electronic music.

Djsanroman.com: How was and how is a day in the life of Marco and Pedro?

Click Box: In the studio for sure, most of the time we are working on Click Box and on our advertising music company or producing other artists. We never sleep:-)

Djsanroman.com: You play live… Did you also performed as djs? What’s your favorite club?

Click Box: Yeah, we are just playing live at the moment but, we will definitely do dj sets, we like it and we can play longer than usual. Our favorite club, hmmmmm, that should be all clubs with a good soundsystem and a nice artistic direction.

Djsanroman.com : Thanks a lot, I wish you the best !

Click Box: We thank you Djsanroman.com 

Fun K Mouth & Sugar Pain Played By Richie Hawtin @ Timewarp 2008:

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