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Interview with Jacek Sienkiewicz

Publicado: 07/06/2011



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Mixside: I would like to give you the chance to introduce yourself to our readers, who is Jacek Sienkiewicz?

J.S.: Jacek Sienkiewicz is a peculiar individual. Musician, performer and life admirer. Doing his thing for almost 20 years now.

MS: Your recently published LP in Cocoon Recordings is called ‘On The Roads’. Does the title have anything to do with the content of the album? Can­ you explain it to our readers?

J.S.: Yes of course – what’s the point of giving my work a title which is not related to its content? «On the Road» is a sort of a diary, a recapitulation of my past few years – and hopefully a soundtrack to any journey my listener is going on – or imagining. It’s a road trip – and imaginary journey in one.

MS: Despite having published in various labels, such as Klang Electronic or Trapez, and run your own, Recognition, your name is linked to the Cocoon rooster. How does it feel being a member of the Cocoon family? How did you meet them?

J.S.: Is there anything like Cocoon family? It’s a pretty varied label, with broad sonic spectrum and many artists from all over the world… It’s really great to be a ‘Cocoon artist’, but I think we should not go much further…

How I met them – simply: one of my early Recognition releases was charted by Sven… so I sent him some new music… which landed me a record deal. I really appreciate working with Cocoon – which gives me freedom and total control of my work…
MS: What can you tells us about the start of your career in Poland, how did you get in touch with electronic music? How is the electronic music scene there?

J.S.: Well I was a music lover from the very start – as my home was always filled with all kinds of music. I think moving towards electronic was a logical step somehow… So I started buying records, which led to playing them out, which quickly led towards producing… nothing special here.

As for the scene here in Poland – it’s good, but could be much better. There are some great clubs and proper promoters – but still far too many below-average clubs and dodgy types trying to cash on current trends… Great festivals don’t make a scene – we need more consciousness and better soundsystems that’s for sure!

MS: What is the main idea behind your own record label, Recognition ?

J.S.: Shortly – freedom. Total freedom, total control over what I do – and a chance to release both my own music, and sounds made by my so-talented friends… Quality over quantity – that’s the thing.

MS: Can you tell us some of your major influences in music? And your favourite producers right now?

J.S.: My major influences come rather from jazz or classical music than electronic or pop… Definitely Peter Christopherson is my ‘father figure’ – both his work with Coil and his late, esoteric projects… And honestly, I don;’t listen to the current music that much… I can say that Isolee is doing pretty decent job, but that’s it….

MS: Do you have any night playing that you will remember for the rest of your life? Which are your favourite places to show your art?

J.S.: Well I’d rather hope that the best night of my life is still ahead of me… I enjoy playing big festivals, it’s both fun and challenging… but the best parties are usually small affairs with a lot of good friends present… so my favorite places would be either Poland or South America.

MS: Apart of the release of “On The Roads”, what are your plans for the next months?

J.S.: Firstly – to promote the album, to take it on the road around the world. Next stage – focusing on new Recognition releases, and my first properly experimental album, hopefully to be released by the end of this year.

MS: When you are not touring or at the studio? What do you do in your every day life?

J.S.: Living, loving, eating, breathing – actually, nothing special or different from what all the people do…

Interview in Spanish: HERE

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