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Interview with Nicole Moudaber

Publicado: 07/05/2013

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Nicole MoudaberOn the ocassion of the launch of Nicole Moudaber‘s LP in Drumcode, Mixside make a interview with the current techno queen and we ask for her work, her love for electronic music, her point of view about the clubbing scene and her next projects.

Mixside: Tell us about your early ages in the clubbing world, what was your first contact with electronic music?
Nicole: Danny Tenaglia at the Tunnel NYC. His chunk and groove got me hooked and I still get that feeling every time I’m on the decks.

Mixside: Can you talk about your influences and artists that inspire you?
Nicole: My early influences would have to be US house with labels like Strictly Rhythm and Twisted in the late nineties who were dominating the scene back then. Then I was first heard the Carl Cox FACT CD on React Music and I instantly got turned to techno. This CD is forever stamped in me and there is lots of German techno on there that really opened my eyes to this genre.

Mixside: To be a woman, has it been a handicap or on the contrary, is it an advantage in the clubbing world?
Nicole: Neither, I do what I do and people get it. This is often asked to me and I find it a frustrating question. Do you ask a Black man or Black woman or Asian, or a White Boy or Girl with Blue Eyes if this is an advantage or not ? Music has no color and no gender and I wonder, since when has this become an issue? Do you ask Rihanna or Pink what hurdles they have about their performances? I think it is best to focus on music and how it’s made to share with everyone.

Mixside: Your sound goes direct to the dancefloor and there are people that call you the dancefloor’s queen. Can you tell us about your favorite dancefloor music.
Nicole: The music I play of course. From deep all the way through to main room techno. I love all styles and appreciate them equally.

Mixside: In your music, house and techno are the main styles. What do you think about other styles as dubstep, nu disco,…? Do you listen to them and would you ever play some of them out?
Nicole: I like some dubstep, some of the more musical records are really good. It’s actually slower at the moment and more musical and I can relate to that. When it first emerged it was quite trippy and dubby and I love all those types of sounds. Whether it is nu-disco, trap, dubstep,…when it’s good it will tick my boxes. I’m not into the noisy stuff, it has to have soul or funk for me to get it.

Mixside: You have now started to run your own label, MOOD Records. Can you tell us about this project?
Nicole: I’m lining up my releases at the moment and I’ve got some great artists involved like Anja Schneider, Guti, Gary Beck, Stacey Pullen as well as up and coming artists like Nathan Barato, Macromism and Turkish producers Ural & Doruk. There is loads of really great stuff in the pipeline and I’m super excited. I’m also planning on collaborating with Carl Cox on MOOD, we have talked about it and we’re going to make it happen this Summer. Watch this space!

Mixside: This year, Drumcode releases your first LP. Can you tell us about the creation process of this record?
Nicole: I can’t wait for this release actually. The feedback has been amazing so far and the element of surprise on the album is my collaboration with Adam Beyer on a track called «Take Hold». The collaboration with Adam came in last when I was putting the finishing touches on the album and I’m very happy we managed to make the track happen and include it on the album. Working with the Drumcode crew is very inspiring to say the least. We bounced ideas off each other to make it right and we came to gather a strong track listing on the album. Having the freedom to have various styles from deep house all the way through to techno allowed me to express what I really love in the wide spectrum of electronic music. And to have Drumcode release this work for me is the ultimate achievement. I regard the label in such high esteem, it’s purist and real.

Mixside: How do you feel more comfortable; as producer or as a DJ?
Nicole: I’m comfortable with both equally. One is introvert and the other is extravert which is very me in many ways.

Mixside: You have played many sets and performances. Have you got any particularly special memories?
Nicole: There are good and bad ones. The best are when the fans make an effort and have t-shirts made with my name or a banner with «queen» on it, and it’s really fulfilling to see that because it shows me they care and know my music. The bad ones are when people over do it with alcohol and loose balance, I had someone falling on my laptop once and another fan once literally reached out to my controllers and busted my settings. This kind of thing is crazy; nonetheless it’s all in the name of fun and having a good time.

Mixside: What do you think about the current electronic music scene?
Nicole: Exciting. There are a lot of new comers with tremendous talent.

Mixside: Could you tell us about your upcoming projects?
Nicole: I’m locking myself away again solidly in the studio in July and have collaborations with various artists like Adam, Carl and Skin from Skunk Anansie. I also have a lot of dates this Summer in Ibiza as well as organizing a few beach parties in the sun. My plan is to work hard in the summer and chill harder in winter 🙂

Mixside: What do you expect from the future of clubbing culture?
Nicole: More education in music hopefully and I’m only referring to North American clubbing. We need to have a different understanding about electronic music and not confuse it with Pop. But in our side of the world clubbing culture is getting stronger everyday.

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