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Interview with Pawas

Publicado: 03/07/2009



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pawas3Recently, Pawas was djing in Superclub and we get his email address to send him some questions about his past, present and future… Now, Pawas’ answers are with us… Enjoy them!!!

mixside – When and where begin your interest about electronic music ?

Pawas – it began back in 98 when I was Djing in India… Music resource was very limited back then in India so it made all sorts of electronic music genre very intresting.

mixside – How is electronic Indian scene nowadays ?

Pawas – I was recently there and played a few gigs and was very surprised by the evolution of the scene. Its growing, underground scene is still limited but it finally exists

mixside – What’s the meaning of «deep» for you? How would you define you own music?

Pawas – I think deep is just an overrated word in electronic music these days, like minimal was a few years ago. My music is moody… I do different styles, mainly house, try to mix different genres in one to create something new.
I think music should not be categorized , rather enjoyed !!!

mixside – Which can be considered your main influences as a producer ? and as a dj ?

Pawas – I like a lot of artists and influenced by them so it wouldn’t be fair to name just a few .. as a DJ I like DJ koze, Ryan Elliot and anyone else who doesn’t like to play safe.

mixside – If you had to choose, which moment in your life would you like to remember forever?

Pawas – When I got the test pressing of my first vinyl ever….. it was a dream since I started DJing in India to be able to produce and get my music on vinyl .

mixside – How was your visit to Superclub ?

Pawas – Superclub was great.. I was surprised that it get crowded in such a short span of time.Lovely people, nice atmosphere and very friendly promoters.

mixside – What are you doing nowadays ? Which are you near future plans ?

Pawas – At the moment I am busy with remixes and also working on my Live set. Future plans… hmm I guess just keep making and playing music.

mixside – What we can find at your studio ?

Pawas – Not much… a PC w / Ableton live, Fruity Loops, few VSTs, BCR 2000 and Oxygen 8 MIDI controllers, Edirol UA 22 soundcard and Tannoy Reveal monitors… basic set up but it solves the purpose.
mixside – A very typical topic of discussion nowadays is software vs. hardware, the analogic era vs. the digital era… What do you think about this ?

Pawas – I think as long as you know how to work the machine , whether it is a hardware or software it does not matter however hardwares posseses a certain sound and their presence in the studio is very motivating.
mixside – In our country, the government and the pirvate company are working in a license for digital djs, since Spain is one of the heads of piracy in the world. It’s a law in order to defend the intelectual property, however it will affect also to djs that buy their music… So they will have to pay twice… Another problem would be when foreign djs come to perform here… However, this system is already working in Italy and I think in UK too… What’s your opinion about this?

Pawas – I think it’s a good to thing to stop piracy but not good to rip off honest Djs. Best would be to stop digitalizing music and just press Vinyl .. I guess its asking for too much !! Making the entry difficult for foreign Djs is quite illogical specially when your are living in EU . This law will demotivate Djs and promoters and disappoint the music lovers.

mixside – How do you see the Spanish eletronic music scene?

Pawas – Spanish electronic music has been very fascinating because of Ibiza, but since Sonar and the on growing music scene in Barcelona & Madrid it has gone to the next level . It has always been a great experience to play in Spain and I would love to gather some more .

Thanks a lot,



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