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Interview with Uto Karem

Publicado: 09/09/2008



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Uto Karem is one of the heads of the new italian generation of techno musicians. However, he is going beyond the strict limits of music: he is the owner of Agile Recordings, whose first single was in collaboration with Rino Cerrone, an Italian techno classic producer from the former generation. He has published many tracks in good quality labels as Loose Records , Minitec Series, Minimouse records, as well as remixes, the last example is Uto’s Remix of The Selph – Designer Beaver, one of the tracks of the year, supported by many dj’s as Dubfire or John Selway.

www.mixside.com has the privilege to offer you the first interview with Uto Karem, one of the raising stars of the minimal techno scene. This is about what we talked:

Hi Umberto,

Thanks for the interview and for so many releases full of good techno music.

mixside.com : In which ways influenced you residency in London when you were a child? I think that your music sounds much more “italian” than anglosaxon., but maybe in the roots of all…

Uto Karem: It does not make much a difference in an early age, what i can say is that living in London in the 80’s has made me hear & see a lot more different things, surly more if I was living in Italy.

mixside.com : I think that Italy is achieving a quite important techno scene, which can be compared to the generation conformed by people as Marco Carola, Danilo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone or Gaetano Parisio. What’s your opinion about the present Italian scene? In which ways do you think that the previous one influenced you and your generation colleagues? How is your relationship with them? I’m referring to people as Dandi & Ugo, Joseph Capriati, Simone Tavazzi…

Uk: Thanks for this question that gives me the opportunity to say, that I have being producing under the pseudonym of Uto Karem for about 2 years now, but I have being producing music since 2000, in that period I was making more techno groove stuff.. (check something on Dave Angel’s rotation records). I have a very good opinion of the new producers, it’s cool to collaborate together.

mixside.com : What other people influenced your from your beginnings ? Do you think that in some ways… the moment of inspiration in European cities as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam or even Napoli from 90’s onwards can be compared to the one that took place in Detroit at the end of 80’s?

Uk: I think there are always unique moments happing around in special places, now and then, some of them stand out and define a culture.

The Naples techno scene in the 90 has given an important imprint to all the new producers.

mixside.com : Your last remix of The Selph, another Italian artist, is a bomb for the dance floor supported by many djs… The track was released on Suara Records, a label owned by Coyu, a good friend of this website… How is your relationship with him? How emerged the idea of Suara002? How do you feel when you receive the support of people as important as Dubfire?

The idea for the remix on Suara came spontaneously, me and Coyu talked tougher about this project, and I was soon attracted by the idea that the label was focused on direct dance floor sound.

mixside.com : Your collaboration with Suara… is something occasional or do you have future plans together ?

Uk: I am always open to new ideas, in the future who knows…

mixside.com : What do you think of the Spanish music scene at various levels: producers, clubs, djs…?

Uk: I can say that Spain has made giant leaps at all levels, the are for sure a bunch of good talented producers. The clubs and the mentality are all well focused, so i can say it’s fine place to be.

mixside.com : You have been a dj for a very long time, playing in important parties as the ones organised by the promoters of the Loose Club, that later will become Loose Records… What do you think of that stage of your career? Is still present the magic and the illusion of someone who is in his first steps?

Uk: I always love to play in front of a warm crowd, every time there’s always a special emotion. The day I will not have fun playing, will be the moment to stop.

mixside.com : You are a man that use to go beyond the limits of music: you work as a redactor in an Italian computer music magazine… do you have time enough for so many creativeness?

Uk: Yes.. i think the two thing’s work perfect together, since I work in the computer music sector, it really cool to test software or hardware that still has to come out, it is very inspiring for me.

mixside.com : Who is the dj that you think has the best relationship prize / quality to listen and to see ?

Uk: It’s difficult too say who’s has the best relationship, because it depends from various factors. So I just can say, that for me the artist has to give me that extra thing, and being a dj myself it’s not easy.

mixside.com How would you define your sets? Have you thought about preparing a live act ?

Uk: In the past years I had the idea of preparing a live set, but now day with all the technical advantages, for me dj-ing is like making a hybrid live set, if you think that now we use samplers, loopers, 4 decks, re-edit’s. dj-ing like I do now, is much more versatile.

mixside.com : Thanks again and wish you the best from all the crew @ www.mixside.com

Uto Karem: Thanks to you.

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