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JP Chronic Mix Ibiza Closings 2010

Publicado: 30/09/2010

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IBIZA CLOSINGS 2010 with JP Chronic mix of the best underground sound of the white magic island, check it out and leave a comment on soundcloud

1. Zander_vt – trying some more BPITCH CONTROL
2. Marcin czubala – spinning the roulette MOBILEE
3. Bucher and kessidis – Fremont PLASTIC CITY
4. Basti grub and aldo cadiz – elección DESOLATE
5. Martin dawnson – running to sthlm KLING KLONG
6. Johnny d – triva mango CECILLE
7. Uner and Coyu – Up and run SUARA
8. Martin Dawnson – double six (ramon tapia remix) KLING KLONG
9. Mr K-alexi and Jamie Anderson – cyclone (Stacey pullen remix) MIJA
10. David August – Moving days DIYNAMIC

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  1. #1 » Dalvis dijo el 22/10/10 a las 12:16 am:

    Quiero descargarlos Y noc Donde Pliz !!

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