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Martin Buttrich | Interview

Publicado: 18/03/2010



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The date of the famous festival Time Warp Mannheim, Germany (24/03/2010) approaches increasingly with a luxury cartel with the performances of Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier or Ricardo Villalobos, besides many novelties. Also, Dubfire will be in Mannheim, one of the parts of the winning duo of a Grammy, Deep Dish, who formed extraordinary sets together with Richie Hawtin in the summer of 2009. And of course, Martin Buttrich, who will present officially his new album ” Crash Test ” in cooperation with Time Warp.

We present this interview, exclusively for mixside.com, with Martin Buttrich, conducted by the organization of  Time Warp.

1. Cosmopop: Hello Martin, you’re speaking to us from Los Angeles, which isn’t exactly a Mekka for electronic music. Did you choose LA deliberately?

MB: Yes, definitely. It’s an inspiring city and being away from your usual surrounding certainly has its benefits. Since I just finished the album and have a couple of gigs lined up in North and South America, it seemed a good idea to spend the winter here and save myself endless flights and the cold weather in Germany.

2. Cosmopop: Let’s talk about “Crash Test”, the album that you’ve been working on for last 15 months. What have you been up to in this time?

MB: I’ve been working on my music, of course, doing remixes and playing gigs. Also, I’ve been looking after my label Desolat with my partner, Loco Dice. And I’ve put some really intense work into the album in the last four months.

3. Cosmopop: So you worked on this as a real album project over the last months. Do you see this as an album to be listened to in its entirety?

MB: Yes, since it’s an album and not a dance 12”. I was listening to a lot of “classic” albums – jazz, soul, hip hop – records during the production process and remembered how good it is to listen to an album from start to finish, how an album can grab you for some time and I hope that I managed to create something like that.

4. Cosmopop: So listening to the album “Crash Test” you can hear influences of these records you’ve been listening to lately. Maybe you can speak about some of the instruments and noises that you’ve been using.

MB: You can’t explicitly hear these influences; “Crash Test” isn’t a jazz album. It was really my work style that was influenced by classic albums. Permitting glitches, the spontaneous interaction with instruments and sounds… It was probably this mood that led to me using more acoustic instruments and working with machines that I haven’t used in a long time. But the album also contains many coincidental sounds, audio-snippets of places and spaces that I encountered and tried to capture, bringing them back to the studio in Hannover.

5. Cosmopop: You’ve mentioned that you used lot more acoustic instruments on this record and…. Do yourself have any experience playing instruments?

MB: I had a few hours of piano lessons and can recognize harmonies. That’s it. But my main aim is to create the best possible sound and if I get stuck and need a piano player, I know how he should play and where to find him.

6. Cosmopop: Maybe you can speak about the title of the album and what this means to you?

MB: “Crash Test” is something that it’s not meant in terms of crash testing cars, smashing and breaking things. This is a collection of music, personal music that was recorded in an environment where I feel comfortable and letting this music out, for the first time without collaborators or partners, is kind of a crash test – seeing if the music will pass the test of “reality” or time…

7. Cosmopop: You’ve toured a lot in the last years. Is there a plan for translating this album into a live environment?

MB: Sure! There will be an extended world tour where I’ll also change my set up as new music definitely requires some changes. There are also ideas of more complex arrangements and live gigs, with few more musicians on stage and I hope that we’ll be able to complete that during this year.

8. Cosmopop: After finishing this production, are you done with albums for now?

MB: No way. It’s happened in the past that after finishing an album, I just wanted to leave to studio for a while. Sometimes a phase like that even held on for months. But right now it’s more like the new album has given me energy to keep going on without a break. “Crash Test” is a collection of pieces from the past 15 months. But now I have many new inspirations and am going to keep on composing and producing without interruption.

9. Cosmopop: How much influence has the city that you live in had?

MB: Hannover is certainly not the melting pot of electronic music, but it’s my home town and a good place for me to be creative and productive. I don’t really know if you can point that influence out but I’m pretty sure that Hannover plays serious part within a bunch of influences.

10. Cosmopop: Why do you think it’s now that you pick this time to put out your debut solo LP?

MB: It’s instinct….

Cosmopop: Thank You

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