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Mr. Jones dj Chart mayo 2013

Publicado: 30/05/2013

Dj Charts


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Mr. Jones dj chart mayo 2013
01. Pfirter – “Ahora” (MindTrip)
02. Chris Finke – “Don’t Try This At Home (Black Asteroid Remix)” (Hidden)
03. CWS – “Somewhere Else (Makaton’s The Reckoning Mix)” (Singularity)
04. Mike Dehnert – “Drehimpuls Live Act Cut In Paris” (Fachwerk)
05. Flug – “K1 (Truncate Remix)” (Sleaze)
06. Shifted – “Unveiled” (Our Circula Sound)
07. Sleeparchive – “A Man Dies In The Street #3” (Tresor)
08. _Unsubscribe_ feat. BearWho? – “Spek Hondje” (Houndstooth)
09. Mr. Jones – “Apogeum (Audio Injection Remix)” (The Public Stand)
10. Mr. Jones – “Apogeum (Tim Wolff Remix)” (The Public Stand)

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