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Scratch con el smartphone

Publicado: 14/06/2013



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iphone scratch

Muy recomendable


A first of its kind from Urbanears, Slussen is the most powerful after-party weapon known to man.
To unleash Slussen, plug the adapter into your iPhone®. Then connect your headphones and sound system to the adapter. Launch the app and transform Slussen into a pocket-sized DJ kit. With its pre-listening feature, you can ensure that the tunes are always bumping, even while preparing your next track, so you can blow the party up instead of out.

Slussen contains all the functionalities you need for a killer set whether you’re crashing an after-party or simply relaxing in the park. Aside from the life-saving pre-listing feature, here are just a few other things you can do with Slussen:

Kill EQ – Kill the EQ effects on the respective side
BPM – increase the BPM of a track or change the pitch by tapping the BPM button
Sync button – press this button to make sure that two different tracks are played in perfect sync
Equalizer – press and hold the EQ button to adjust the equalizer or gain
Scratch function – press and move any of the decks while they are playing to scratch
Crossfader – slide from right to left to choose which side should be heard in your speakers
Headphone crossfader – lets you choose which deck you will hear in your headphones
Cue feature – cue instantly, or set a new cue-point by tapping the cue button when you have the track paused

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