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Swayzak – Interview

Publicado: 04/07/2008



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First of all, I want to thank you for taking the trouble to answer this interview.

Djsanroman.com – Tell us about how it was Swayzak’s beginning as a project, the first steps, etc.
i was making music with james since 1993 but buy 1996 we started a more techno influenced sound . early minimal stuff like basic channel /chain reaction was a influence…..

– The name of the formation has a strange story. Could you tell us about it? Why this name?
swayzak is a connection to patrick swayzee , we hate his movies ……….so we called our band after him !

Djsanroman.com – The Swayzak style is hard to define, it takes the best pieces of classic Chicago house, Detroit techno, synth pop, electro, even dub , but , what are the highest or highlight influence for Swayzak?
basic channel, maurizio, model 500, move D, downtown 161, shelter, 80,s electronic pop, ambient music, dub reggae sound systems , on – u – sound , detroit …

Djsanroman.com- Swayzak has a very prolific work. Is it hard to make compatible the music with your familiar and personal life?

no its fun to keep making music , we always try different things !

Djsanroman.com – You come from the english scene, but you prefer other scenes as the french one. What is the reason for this?
english scene is more aggressive , heavy techno, no love , just drugs !

Djsanroman.com – Was it a drastic change when James Taylor left the band? Are there any possibility for the reunion?
we have a reunion already for 3 years ……..he left and he came back but he doesnt play with me very often as he has a young family to look after !

Djsanroman.com- Swayzak is popular for his great lives set. Which is the esential element in order to make a perfect live set? Which is the principal factor to make the live sounds in a different way than in a record?
no rehearsal, we go with the feeling of the people , we fight to make the sound good . each club is different and the people make the difference too . i like to make random experiments , it is more fun than playing a rehearsed set . but sometimes it can go wrong , wrong club, wrong people wrong atmosphere ……

Djsanroman.com- Another essential factor of Swayzak, is the backward view to the old sounds. Do you think that the present-day dance and electronic music are worse than the music of twenty years ago? Do it need a restructuring?
some good music now but too many people using technology and not their imagination . its all mp3s and no vinyl , i think vinyl must be kept alive . i get myspace messages everyday » check me am dj blah blah» but they have to make something different to stand out , not mp3s…….

Djsanroman.com – Tell me what do ypu think about this names: Larry Heard, Fabric London, Richard Davis, Matthew Jonson, Brigitte Bardot.

brigitte – was beautiful but now ? a racist . she was cool in the 1960s . larry heard was great , some classics but made some really cheesy jazz hosue records . fabric is like our family but its too big a club . richard davis is one of my best friends and we making tracks together now . matthew jonson , was amazing but i dont know what happened ?

Djsanroman.com- We have felt a maturity process since your first works, until the great Some Another Country, one of the best records of the last year. Could you tell us something about this? how do you feel it?
the some other county was good but we can still make better ! i liked the productions we did but we can do more .it was more inclined to our older styles but using software mainly !

Djsanroman.com – And finally, how do you see the future of Swayzak? Is there any work or new album in progress?
not yet but we will re-issue snowboarding in argentina this year !!!

Djsanroman.com- Many Thanks, David for your reply. I give you my best regards
pleasure see you saturday !!!

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