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Talking with «I´m not a Band»

Publicado: 08/04/2009



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I´m not a BandAs we told you on last review about the latest work of «I´m not a Band», here we are with an interview that we made to Stephan. We must thank their words and exress our pleasure to that time that we had with Stephan drinkin´a Gin Tonic in a cool bar of Berlin.

Mixside: Tell us Stephan, who is «I´m not a Band»?

Stephan: The name I`m not a Band says everything actually…we´re not really a band as such, we´re rather an explosive band of tunes, sounds and catchy melodies composed, produced by me. And since the beginning of the year Jana supports me with vocals and for the live shows, texting and, of course, we sit together and discuss new songs and ideas and everything I come up with. The unique thing about our “band” is that we cross musical borders. Since I had a classical musical education playing the violin our songs are both, electronic and melodic, combined with my violin – which at first appears to be “uncool” but I think we´re doing really well with that combination and I hope that our music makes this rather unpopular instrument more popular.

Mixside: But, why don´t you wanna be a band?

Stephan: I´ve always been fascinated by the music scene and I´ve always been involved in playing classical concerts but missed the feeling of doing what I liked most, musically. So I wanted to have my own band – just didn´t play the typical band- instrument. I do play the guitar, drums and the piano, all not well enough for a being a good bandmember though. So I had to pick the laptop to replace all instruments, I can´t play – so that´s another reason why the name “I’m not a band” describes us best. And Jana has been interested in singing in a band for a long time, too. She never found anyone who had similar musical interests though until she met me. And our conformity was huge right from the beginning, so it´s really the perfect match 🙂

Mixside: The violin is your identifier, how did you learn to play?

Stephan:Both my parents are music teachers and when I was 8 my dead had a violin from school that needed to be fixed… I grabbed the violin and tried playing it and had so much fun that I asked my parents to have lessons…

Mixside: Do you think that your music has really been influenced by your stay in London?

Stephan:As I said, I´ve always been fascinated by the music scene – and London has probably one of the, if not the most flourishing music scenes in the world. When I was living in London I was surrounded by so many people who were sharing the same fascination and crazyness about music. I think I took home a lot of experiences from that time – and most of it I took home the spirit of making music and having a band and being creative.

Mixside: Which outlook do you have about how is going the music factory and how MySpace is helping to projects like «I´m not a Band»?

Stephan:I think that the music scene is changing drastically because of platforms such as myspace. Though you can obviously influence your popularity on myspace, but I still think it´s the most reliable reflection of the musical quality. Only if people really like your music they´ll come back to a band´s myspace page. It does help if you´re being pushed by a lable or other important people/organisations, but it´s not necessary anymore. On the other hand especially at the beginning it´s really hard to show everyone that you´re different from, to be honest, a lot of crappy music and people who only think they´re good…(->jokingly I hope we´re not one of them 🙂 )

Mixside: What would you think about comin´ to Spain to go on a summer tour?

Stephan:First of all: We´re always up for shows and we love playing gigs for all the people who like us, no matter where they come from.
At the moment we´re planning a germany tour (“make us band –tour 2009”). The thing is, that currently it is hard to play gigs that are too fare away because of the travel expenses. There are quite a few locatiosn who are willing to pay these costs, but we´re not yet able to afford playing foreign countries without this financial support. But as soon as a venue is willing to pay for us we´d play – most definitely!!And the other difficulty is that our booking agency would need some foreign support by finding good locations and venues that fit our musical style.

Mixside: And what are you plannin´for the future?

Stephan:Our plans are closed to being fulfilled at the moment…I always dreamed about touring. So yeah, maybe the extended version of that dream is goig abroad and getting to know the world a bit more. Of course we´d be glad about every single fan we win and it´d be even more amazing if we could make our living with the music. But We both don´t intend to make the big money with music. Music exists for it´s own sake and not for being a business – our vision is that everything that is beyond what we need for our living and for our equipment should be donated.

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